Car Parking Systems

For most corporate installations the authorized person drives to the entrance terminal and presents his or her RFID parking card or compatible company issued identification card to the terminal. The system then references the administration database and upon verifying authorization will immediately open the gate. This process will take and average of 0.5 seconds.

When finished the barrier will automatically close. Additionally, the database will log all incoming and outgoing access creating a security log of personnel using the car park and the times and dates which they did so.


There are four kinds of cards available, monthly cards, charge cards, VIP and Temporary cards. Time limits and blocked dates can be added to these cards allowing proper management of the car park facility. Administration and updating of the authorization database can be managed remotely by Lucid Consulting reducing infrastructure and personnel costs.

Lucid can, as a part of a maintenance contract, update the database upon written email/fax/letter request by the respective company wishing to add or delete authorization of individuals from the database. Administration systems can also be installed onsite for ‘in house” updating of the system. Training can also be provided.


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 The system is also compatible with a wide range or access control cards and RFID cards used for existing entry systems common in most corporations.


Our systems have a warranty against mechanical failure for a full year after installation and scheduled maintenance contracts are also available. For prices and quotations we would like to arrange a site visit at your earliest convenience.